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Progress is a living force that goes beyond retrograde and petty laws imposed by false leaders, who eventually will be dragged down trying to sustain the unsustainable.

“Morality and intelligence are two forces

that only balance in the long run”


The Natural State is the primitive state of man, that is, when he has not developed an evolutionary process that leads him to civilization.

The natural law contributes to the progress of humanity whose process is civilization; it seems that natural law is part of our DNA.

The natural state is the childhood of humanity (the ▶️ Hominids) as well as the starting point of its intellectual and moral development.

▶️ Hominids: Hominids or great apes are located within the Primate Order.

▶️ Our ancestors: From genetic evidence, it is known that chimpanzees and humans diverged from a common ancestor approximately 6 million years ago.

▶️ Our evolution: many species evolved in the branch that includes Homo sapiens, although we are the only survivors today.

▶️ First hominids:

Australopithecus is a genus that evolved in East Africa approximately four million years ago and became extinct two million years ago. They are especially important for reconstructing our history, since the Homo genus is considered to have evolved from a common ancestor with Australopithecus, about two million years ago.

👀 📽️ To learn more about our evolution, be sure to watch the following video clip:

Due to the very nature of the hominids and, starting with the Australopithecus, they first began to develop their intellectual intelligence by trial and error, in such a way that man tends to intellectual perfection and then to moral perfection.

Man being perfectible and carrying his improvement in his DNA, he is not destined to live perpetually in a state of nature, nor is he destined to live perpetually in childhood.

The natural state is transitory, and man comes out of it through progress and civilization through the ▶️ Natural Law.

▶️ The Natural Law is a law that governs all of humanity, where man improves as he understands and practices it better; it seems that this natural law is part of our genetic information.

📌 When man lives in a natural state, he lives intellectually and morally in a primitive state and therefore has fewer needs.

📌 In a more advanced, more civilized state, the human being is when he faces all the tribulations that he himself creates through a series of "needs" that are not, forgive the redundancy, necessary and that is when he becomes aware, that he must balance their intellectual (material) progress with moral.

The natural law establishes that man cannot go back to the natural state, since he was created to progress incessantly, and he cannot return to the state of childhood.


Reviewing the history of humanity and especially contemporary history, we can realize the great scientific (intellectual) progress that we have had, however, moral progress is highly deficient, because by Natural Law.

Moral progress is a consequence of intellectual progress, although sometimes the process is slow and, for this reason, we see that, in our highly technical world, moral progress, especially with what we are experiencing between the struggle between Democracy and Autocracy, it leaves much to be desired.

Therefore, the most technologically advanced countries are often the most perverted, due to the emphasis they have given to technology without balancing moral progress.

It must be considered that complete progress (intellectual and moral) is what all peoples and individuals on earth tend towards, but this is a slow process, step by step. As long as the moral sense is not developed in them, today they can use their intelligence to do evil:

"Morality and intelligence are two forces that are only balanced in the long run"


It cannot, but sometimes they can manage to hinder it, and some individuals who boast of being leaders of the world and of companies, who oppose the progress of all men, they will be swept away by the current they want to stop.

The progress of humanity as a whole is a living force that obscure characters can slow down, as Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin tried to do in the last century, but they will never be able to extinguish it.

Progress is a living force that goes beyond retrograde and petty laws imposed by false leaders, who sooner or later are dragged down trying to sustain the unsustainable.

Man cannot remain perpetually in ignorance, because he is enlightened by the force of things that happen in the world, such as moral and social revolutions, which gradually infiltrate new ideas and concepts, which allow the moral evolution of individuals and the countries; these ideas germinate for whole centuries and then suddenly explode and cause the rotten edifice of the past to collapse, which is no longer in harmony with new needs and new aspirations, as happened a few years ago with the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union.

It is like what we have recently experienced in the world with phenomena such as Donald Trump and the disaster caused in the USA, the Pandemic and now the Russian war; often the man does not discover in these commotions more than the momentary confusion and disorder that hurt his material interests, however, he who raises his thought above the personality, admires the designs of Providence that brings good out of evil . It is the storm and the hurricane that sanitize the atmosphere, after having shaken it.

The greatest obstacle to moral progress is pride and selfishness, since intellectual progress always advances, although it seems at first to generate vices, ambition and the love of riches and power.

We have reached the point where characters like Donald Trump (USA), Andrés Manuel López (Mexico), Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua), Nicolás Maduro (Venezuela) and Vladimir Putin (Russia), just to mention a few names, think of returning to their former greatness and in some cases, succeed in making their countries great; nothing as noble and good as that, however, fundamental themes appear in these characters whose ideas do not have a good foundation:

↘️ Nationalism is a concept that is part of the history of the 19th and 20th centuries, since, from the end of the last century, when the concept of globalization formally appears and its three stages are developed, the new world is and will be done of interdependent and not necessarily independent entities (Nations).

Therefore, just as the world of Empires passed into a better life at the beginning of the 20th century, the world of Nations will be facing, during the remainder of the 21st Century, its decline, giving way to the era of interdependent nations that will shape the new global order.

↙️ These new Messiahs of Nationalism mentioned above we have already seen before and, in addition to the passage of history we have seen the fall of some of them, since centuries ago we learned that "The power concentrated in a single person" over time , generates social unrest, discontent and revolutions and, for proof let's remember the rise and fall of those "idealists" called Hitler, Mussolini who were actually Megalomaniacs / Mythomaniacs.

⬇️Evolution is always progressive (there is no involution), which means that what worked 30 years ago will not necessarily work in this new world.

The era of absolutist monarchies had to yield to moderate monarchies (remember Oliver Cromwell) through the English and French Revolutions and the deeds of independence of many countries.

⤵️ We are at the beginning of a new Geopolitical Era, called a world without borders, where the new dynamic is the absolute awareness that "nations are not independent, they are interdependent"

⏬ Autocracy as a political regime in which a single person governs without submitting to any type of limitation and with the power to promulgate and modify laws at will, is a formula seen since the time of monarchies, which no longer works in this time because "In the human being and at a global level, there is more and more awareness of the need to evolve morally" and where the aforementioned characters will finally be defeated by the force of progress, which is a living force that goes beyond retrograde and petty laws imposed by false leaders, who sooner or later will be dragged trying to sustain the unsustainable.


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