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There are two types of teachers:

Those who have the chair as a priority over the students and their style is with an iron hand.

Success is covering a subject regardless of whether the students really committed and motivated themselves with the subject, to find a practical application in their working lives. They tend to give instructions without explanation and expect to be obeyed.

Those who have students as a priority, to win their favor and get well evaluated.

This type of teacher is the "nice one", the one who cares about the students, but neglects the teaching, the objectives and guidelines in the classroom. They tend to be good people, paternalistic, but they don't make students grow; hesitant to offer correction or guidance.


The best type of teacher is one who cares as much about the students as they do about the teaching and the guidelines of the classroom.

These true Professors are Authentic Mentors, they inspire their students to grow, learn and self-manage, thus obtaining great results and transforming them into future leaders.

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