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"The illiterates of the 21st century are not those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn" 

OMNIVERSO - eaBC, is a firm established more than two decades ago, being a link of opportunities for local and international companies, as demonstrated by some of our clients: Scott Paper, Crayola, LeapFrog, RR Donnelley, Tops Products, Faber Castell, Arjo Wiggins and IMEF.

"Transforming people is how companies reinvent themselves, Creating the competitive advantage, which guarantees your profitability"

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Juan Carlos Erdozain Rivera

        Executive Director

       OMNIVERSE - eaBC


Juan Carlos Erdozáin has solid knowledge and experience in competitive intelligence and a firm foundation for success in the design and implementation of strategies that ensure the profitability of companies. He personally leads each business case with a hands-on approach, whichgenerates high quality delivery and completion levels. Juan Carlos has partnered with clients of all sizes to support them inthe creation of organizational value.

Since 2002, he is Consultant and Executive Directortive at “Omniverso - eaBC”, a firm dedicated to providing Competitive Intelligence services, so that organizations understand their market, make safe strategic decisions and increase their profitability, through a competitive analysis that allows predicting challenges, risks and opportunities

He has experience in transnational companies such as DuPont, Pfizer, Shell, Scott Paper, Boyden Global Executive Search and Crayola and in national companies such as Resistol, Capsugel, Pinturas ICI, Grupo San Cristobal, Delta Top Talent, AJR Comercio Exterior, Lapimex and IMEF.
He has been an internal consultant at Lapimex, the IMEF (Mexican Institute of Finance Executives) and at RR Donnelley; As former Executive President of IMEF, he gained extensive experience evaluating both CEOs and CFOs to diagnose why some executives manage to create value for their organizations and others do not.

His experience in national and multinational business environments in the chemical, pharmaceutical, paper and consumer industries has allowed him to diagnose the success factors and risks faced by his clients' companies, in order to generate operational, tactical and/or strategies for the creation of organizational value.

He is a Chemical Engineer graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana, an MBA from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México and has been a student of Strategy, Innovation and the Human Factor with the guidance of Peter Drucker, Dick Sheridan and Morrie Shechtman.

Being president of the Latin American Association of School and Office Supplies Manufacturers, he was able to contribute action plans for members to mitigate the effects of a mature industry and in some cases in decline.

He has been a director at Conacyt, Coparmex and a speaker in the financial, pharmaceutical and consumer sectors; He is currently a professor at the master's level at Universidad La Salle and at the undergraduate level at the Universidad Iberoamericana.

was  Established almost two decades ago and since then, it has been a link of opportunities from the United States of North America to Brazil, as demonstrated by some of our clients: RoseArt, LeapFrog, RR Donnelley, Tops Products, Faber Castell. and Arjo Wiggins.


"Knowledge coexists in the fourth wave of change "Information and Communication Intensive", 
, many individuals, organizations and nations, are not yet prepared for 
what Knowledge Management means that leads to the "Creation of Value"


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