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The "Visionaries" seem to have the quality of peering through a dimension that allows them to see the future.

EUROPE had its moment of glory to impress on the world its ideology, spirituality and its institutions, finally achieving the formation of the “European Union”; now, it is the turn of AMERICA.

America involves English-speaking, French-speaking, Spanish-speaking, Portuguese-speaking, and, of course, indigenous populations, which currently number 522, ranging from Patagonia to northern Mexico, passing through different geographical areas such as Amazon, Andes, Continental Caribbean. , Lower Central America and Meso america.

America is a melting pot of cultures, which was formed over the centuries, through languages and indigenous civilizations as important as the Mayan, the Aztec and the Inca (just to mention a few) as well as the European ones coming mainly from England. , Spain, Portugal and Italy.

👀 For details see the List of indigenous peoples of Latin American countries:

👀 For details see the pdf Indigenous Latin America in the XXI Century:

America was formed by men and women, deeply spiritual, from the INCAS, MAYAS and AZTECS with a polytheistic worldview, to those who arrived in 1492 guided by the iron faith and mettle of Christopher Columbus, with a monotheistic worldview.

“Dear Majesty, I am firmly convinced that the earth is round.

and I want to navigate to try it "

Christopher Columbus

Columbus has been treated as an impractical dreamer, but let's not forget that many dreamers throughout history have shown that they were actually visionaries of the future.

The "Visionaries" seem to have the quality of peering through a dimension that allows them to see the future.

Christopher Columbus had a vision, which transformed the face of the planet with the discovery of a new continent, which in 1620, gave refuge to a group of pilgrims, who, fleeing the tyranny of the English monarch, found in America a land of Liberty.

Later the dark days would come, in which it would seem that the first colonies were going to be annihilated, but the "Truth" triumphed and that is how the day of the signing of the Declaration of Independence arrives on the Fourth of July 1776; This date is one of the most memorable in history, because it triggered the "French Revolution" (July 14, 1790) whose ideals still resonate in the XXI Century ("Liberty, Fraternity and Equality") through Human Rights and, also, unleashed the fever of independence of several countries in Latin America, inspired by the democratic model of the USA.

The United States was the first country in America to become independent, declaring to the 13 Colonies gathered in various "continental congresses" their independence from Great Britain.


Putting aside ideological, political, geographical, race and religion borders, we must raise awareness that "America" is made up of all of us, "Americans."

Thus came the moment when the "Old Continent" began a transition to pass the baton to the "New Continent", slowly awaiting a transition, so that it wakes up and recognizes its true importance in the 21st Century and becomes a true

"American Union” made up of Latin America, North America and Canada.

We are at the dawn of a new cycle, in which the human blindness that for many years has led the blind to a tide of ignorance, superstition and disillusionment comes to an end.


America for 35 years, is becoming the catapult of a New World Era, which is shaking current social, political, financial and religious institutions.

Humanity is about to overcome the old myths and fairy tales created by previous generations; deceptions, traditions, and superstitions are drawing to a close; the old myths were good enough for children's consciences that they have reached a dead end.

Through the pain and tragedy of the myths created by humanity itself, a new racial consciousness has been conceived in America and is developing rapidly. In fact, the door is opening wide to this new birth through a new awakening.


a) A New World Consciousness, to move from a plane of consciousness to a higher and more advanced one, eliminating the attachment to old beliefs and illusions of the past, participating in the current movement of expansion of universal thought (globalization), because in the end, in this new Global order, we are all citizens of the World, not of pieces of the world, as demonstrated by the Covid - 19

b) Awareness that we are all citizens of the World, sharing resources, needs, and even the same virus, which did not respect country, race, creed or socio-economic position.

It is already happening that those nations and people who remain absorbed in individualistic consciousness will be obliged to continue in that sense until their beliefs and experiences have exhausted their effects and they cannot advance further.

Nations in America such as the United States, Brazil, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia and Mexico, have fallen under their own weight through illness, pain, and "Pseudo Leaders" such as Donald Trump, Nicolás Maduro, Daniel Ortega and Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

c) A New World Order, which began around 35 years ago, due to Information and Communication, which “Globalized” our planet, caused, among other things, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union; This new world order is being accelerated by the pandemic.

d) Reconfiguration of countries, those countries that do not understand this new world order, and that refuse to leave a selfish and local thought instead of being part of human thought and the trend of globalization, will inevitably face their own stupidity, war, fight, discord and death.

e) The change of civilization today is driven by the pandemic; Before Covid -19 all things seemed stable and well founded, but suddenly we are immersed in an inverse state, "Every tree that has not been planted by Truth will be uprooted."

f) Demystification of false Idols and Messianic characters, no person should idealize the personality of another, but he should idealize what is correct through the cardinal virtues: prudence, justice, strength and temperance.

It is necessary to understand that each of us, in one way or another, has the ability to supply ourselves for every external need, without the need to extol false "leaders" (presidents, directors, Supervisors, etc.).

g) Self-discover who we are, make aware that within us is the "Comforter", which is our own personality, a source of powers such as imagination, creativity and analytical capacity just to mention a few, so it is necessary to look within from us and, learning from oneself and following our convictions, “others can teach or indoctrinate you, but you, by yourself, must do things, because if you do it for others, you are going to build someone else's ideal instead of the of yours"

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