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We are facing a global emergency, never before have we had leaders and politicians so lacking in personal integrity, so capable of lying and abusing their powers with such impunity and so blindly backed by amoral and unscrupulous parties.

We have been infected by a group of megalomaniacs and mythomaniacs, authentic sociopaths, who, like viruses, have spread in different societies without criteria and whose breeding ground is the ignorance of modern societies.

🌐 Sociopaths are people who show no empathy for others or remorse for their actions. It is a personality disorder and today is called antisocial personality disorder.

🌐 Currently, criminal societies have been transforming into what we now know as White Collar Criminals, who have made organizations, companies and countries sick through their sociopathic personality, such as the case of Bernnie Maddof and Elizabeth Holmes and without a doubt Donald Trump, Nicolás Maduro, Evo Morales, Vladimir Puttin, Jair Bosonaro and Kim Jong-un, just to mention the most prominent.

🌐 The 21st century dragged with it a series of Sociopaths, with great Egos and Messianic intentions, capable of devastating a power like the USA in 4 years and, sadly, this is not only the case of the USA, there are other nations and other pseudo-leaders, both from governmental and non-governmental organizations, who learned that institutionalized lying, jerkiness, and hostile confrontation are what is today.

🌐 Fortunately, the institutions and thinking society of the USA knew how to prevail over arrogance and, at the time of that one, who one day claimed to be the best president of the USA. it ended and today, the vultures fly over his political corpse.

Democracies are dying at the hands of authoritarian populists, who take it upon themselves to eliminate and disregard the institutions designed to limit them.


Quoting "The Economist" in its edition of January 9, 2021:

“Four years ago, Donald Trump stood in front of the Capitol building to take office and vowed to end the “American carnage.”

His tenure ends with a sitting president urging a mob to march on Congress, then praising him after he resorted to violence.

There is no question that Trump is the perpetrator of this deadly attack on the heart of American democracy. His lies fueled the grievance, his contempt for the constitution focused him on Congress, and his demagogy lit the fuse.

Images of the mob storming the Capitol, gleefully broadcast in Moscow and Beijing as they were lamented in Berlin and Paris, are the defining images of Trump's anti-American presidency.

The violence on Capitol Hill was meant to be a show of power. In fact, he masked two defeats. As Trump supporters came in and in, Congress certified the results of the president's incontrovertible defeat in November.

While the mob was smashing windows, Democrats were celebrating an unlikely pair of victories in Georgia that will give them control of the Senate.

Since 2006, democracy in the world has had a downward trend. Several liberal democracies are becoming less liberal, and authoritarian regimes are developing more repressive tendencies, however there is still an opportunity for renewed democratic progress, but it will require a return to first principles and renewed efforts by advanced democracies.

The world must be aware that irrational populism has no place in this century and that leaders and politicians must be people of integrity, capable of defending the truth and protecting their fellow citizens through the common good, governing for all and being moderate in the management of power and for this, moral and scrupulous political parties are required.


October 2024, revolt in Mexico to maintain power?

The Mexican president has many parallels with former President Donald Trump.

♾️ Both are characterized by a lack of respect for institutions because they limit their decisions and hurt their ego.

♾️ They believe, as Louis XIV said, that they are the state and because of this, they feel that they are above the law. Just as Louis XIV managed an absolutist monarchy, they led or are leading totalitarian presidencies.

♾️ They are masters at manipulating others and misrepresenting the truth and for this reason, they hate the press since they are intolerant of acknowledging their own defects.

♾️ His policy is based on the management of poverty for electoral purposes. This is nothing new but in politics around the world it is a strategy that works very well...this is a painful truth.

♾️ Its main political tool is the polarization of society. In the USA "The Bronze Belt" vs. the "Establishment".

In Mexico the "fifis" vs. "poor people" which is the same as making believe that 50% identifies with the Templo Mayor Indígena (Indians) and the rest with Spain, ignoring that the majority of Mexicans are mestizos.

♾️ They thirst for power and are very afraid of failure. Trump is dominated by self-regard, his interest in others is limited and his self-esteem is excessive, with strong overtones of Megalomania to balance his true low self-esteem.

The primary motivation of the Mexican president is opportunism, since his political and personal action is oriented according to public opinion and is characterized by an absence of self to act according to convenience, with strong nuances to the Mythomania.

♾️ They have low self-esteem that they compensate with arrogant attitudes, contempt for those who do not flatter them and extremists in their way of thinking.

Donald Trump is afraid of weakness, that is, of being perceived as weak and for this reason he acts as a strong and all-powerful person, however, deep down he is weak.

The Mexican president is afraid of failure and that is why when his projects fail he uses lies as a self-defense resource and misrepresents the truth through his slogan "I have other numbers".

♾️ Trump created a revolt to prevent the transition of powers on January 6, 2021 🆘️ Would the president of Mexico do the same to keep his party or himself in power? 🆘️


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