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1) Due to the Digital Age (Revolution of Intensive Information and Communication), today's society and world of work demand more and better results, at a higher speed. We are in a process of dehumanization because what counts is performance, efficiency and effectiveness and, therefore, the relationships we maintain with our colleagues, bosses and private life are deteriorating; We no longer have time to communicate, to listen to each other and to understand each other.

​2) It is obvious that this new environment generates fears that, fortunately, can be overcome if we begin by accepting and identifying them and then understanding them.

Although fear is a normal feeling, faced with some situations with which we are not familiar, this emotion can be extremely paralyzing if we do not have it controlled a little.

3) Fear (anxiety) can inhibit our actions and our reactions to a context or to a person that inspires us with this feeling. Our creativity, our initiatives and assertiveness are reduced and we feel blocked, unable to be who we are.

In theory, we could dodge the problem by staying in a safe, familiar space without danger. However, this comfort zone will never let us feel fulfilled, rather the opposite. In addition, we must bear in mind that reality always ends up imposing itself. Therefore, there is only one solution: face it!

4) Sunday afternoon, I begin to feel anxious and even anguish, because Monday begins a new week, full of terrifying challenges and uncertainties.

When we allow ourselves this type of situation to become a reflex action, we run the risk of getting into a maze from which we will not know how to get out.

Anxiety can inhibit our actions and our reactions to a context or to a person that inspires us with this feeling.

5) Why do I feel anxious before going to work? How do I overcome this fear?

♾️ The first step is to recognize and accept that you have that fear.

♾️ As a second step, you have to investigate the origin of this fear, reflecting on the following questions: At what precise moment does that fear manifest? What are its emotional and physical effects?

♾️As a third step, when you feel that fear approaching, stop over it, experience it and question it before you get to your office.

Close your eyes and ask yourself: what are your symptoms? What triggers them? Is it justified? Once you have identified the reason, you can work on your fear to overcome it.

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