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Vladimir Putin: Strategist, Terrorist or War Criminal?


We are facing a global emergency.

We have never had leaders and politicians so lacking in personal integrity, so capable of lying and abusing their powers with such impunity and so blindly backed by amoral and unscrupulous parties.

🔲 We have been infected by a group of megalomaniacs and mythomaniacs, who like viruses have spread in different societies without criteria and whose breeding ground is ignorance and the loss of historical memory of many societies in the world.

🔲 We are living the "Age of Knowledge" but, paradoxically, current societies tend to be more ignorant, because they read little and therefore do not have sufficient criteria to discern between truths and lies.

🔲The democratization of information that produces "disinformation" and manipulation through the media without ethics and social responsibility, combined with a society without criteria, has generated an excellent "breeding ground" for megalomaniacs and mythomaniacs who are in positions of leadership, as they are like viruses that are strengthened and developed through ignorance and fear.

▶️ It is a painful situation that after humanity went through the ordeal of World War II, it has not learned from mistakes and cycles of power.

▶️ We must remember that the second great war was known as the "Age of the Megalomaniacs", perfectly represented by "The Tripartite Pact", also known as the Axis Pact, signed in Berlin on September 27, 1940 by Saburō Kurusu, Adolf Hitler and Galeazzo Ciano, representing the Empire of Japan, Nazi Germany and the Kingdom of Italy, respectively.

This pact constituted a military alliance between these nations, and officially the Axis Forces were formed, opposed to the Allied Forces in World War II.

▶️ The clearest exponents of the Era of "Megalomaniacs" are Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Ante Pavelic (Croatia) and Miklós Horthy (Hungary) among others.

Now the citizens of the 21st century have to survive with a new lineage of world leaders, who like viruses have appeared in the US, Latin América and the East, but who are immunized against Democracy, that is, they are "MEGALOMANS AND MYTOMANS".


🌀 They are individuals who have the conviction that everything they say, think or do is great.

🌀 They are people who despise others because they consider themselves superior to them, due to an oversized egomania.

⏩There is a good repertoire of historical figures that can be considered as megalomaniacs: Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin or Mao Zedong; traits of megalomania and narcissism are attributed to these personalities; traits that some of them propelled to the approach of nothing less than the conquest of the world”.


  1. They are extremely presumptuous. They feel that their presence is essential in any meeting.

  2. They believe they are indestructible, capable of solving any problem that comes their way. They are capable of anything to gain power, and this includes manipulating others.

  3. They behave as if they were omnipotent and like to test the abilities of the people around them to brag about them.

  4. They do not usually learn from their mistakes and, therefore, experience does not make them correct their mistakes.

  5. They have a narcissistic and idealized image of themselves.

  6. They notice how others react to what they do or say. If they are rejected by others because of their maladjusted behavior, they think that the problem belongs to others.

  7. Vanity, supported by a strongly overvalued ego and fueled by a marked superiority complex, makes them despise everything that does not refer to themselves.

Many years have passed after the first and second world wars, however Far from having learned from history, it is re-introduced in the 21st century with World Leaders like Vladimir Putin who, in addition to being a MEGALOMAN, is a MYTHOMAN.


▶️ They are individuals with a pathological tendency or inclination to transform reality by explaining or narrating a fact.

⏩ They are people who have a lie out of habit.

They do not usually recognize that they have this habit, but the truth is that they have perfected it with a lot of practice.

🧨 Internally they understand that lying can be a resource, just as valid as others, when it doesn't harm anyone if it's not discovered.

📌 A pathological liar has no control over what he says and neither over the effects his fallacies cause on others. His lies are generalized, disproportionate, persistent and most of them are spontaneous and poorly thought out.

📌 We can identify if someone suffers from this disorder, if they continually change their stories, retract something they expressed in the past or greatly exaggerate their stories.

Why should we beware of a pathological lie? Because it is based on the lack of control on the part of the person who says it. A mythomaniac may have brain and central nervous system problems or abnormalities.


After the latest events seen in the invasion of Ukraine and the recent statements by former President Donald Trump in favor of the invasion, it is more than evident that Russia and China also "voted" for Trump in the last two US elections (by that the Russian dictator risked so much to help Trump win the presidency in 2016, and then work for his re-election in 2020), for three reasons:

(1) Trump kept America in crisis and unable to focus on building the infrastructure he needed to dominate the 21st century the way the US did in the 20th century.

(2) Both Beijing and Moscow knew that Trump disliked America's key traditional allies and therefore never pushed for a global coalition against China or Russia.

(3) Russia and China knew that Trump is completely transactional and was never going to challenge them for human rights abuses. Trump is the sucker for him, and they weren't going to let him go easily.

(4) Trump was always against NATO during his administration.

🕐 Donald Trump inherited Joe Biden a "badly wounded" country, focused on internal issues that made them lose sight of the international environment, which empowered Russia and China.

🕐 Trump had the United States concentrated inside the country, without interest and hostile in the global issue and the role of his USA before the world.

🕒Trump kept his relationship with NATO and the European Union in conflict; vulgar in its forms and content, friend of the president - murderer of Korea and of course, an accomplice of Vladimir Putin.

🕕 Doing a damage analysis, it is obvious today that Donald Trump did enormous damage to America's leadership in the world.

🕑Vladimir Putin's megalomaniac mindset is to recapture Russia's greatness, yet Putin made three miscalculations:

▶️ He didn't assume his "Puppet Trump" was going to lose the election.

▶️ He invaded knowing that wars generate union between peoples, starting with the USA, passing through Lithuania, Estonia and Finland, strengthening NATO and the European Union.

▶️Underestimated the character of Joe Biden, from whom he did not expect the package of economic sanctions and his leadership; As if that were not enough, if Biden manages to consolidate his leadership, he will position himself on the threshold of a character in contemporary history, positioning himself as the one who saved the country from the self-destruction undertaken by Donald Tump and as the one who defeated the pandemic and successfully faced the worst economic recession since the Great Depression.

📌 We are witnessing the historic opportunity for Biden to become the leader who returned America to its indispensable status for the world.

📌 It is very possible that, if Trump had remained in power, Putin's expansionist strategy would already include the members of the Warsaw Pact.

The Warsaw Pact was a military alliance formed by the communist countries of Eastern Europe to counter the threat of the rival capitalist body, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The Soviet Union founded the Pact in 1955 during the Cold War as a response to the rearmament of West Germany and its entry into the Atlantic alliance. It included Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania, as well as China as an observer. Yugoslavia, for its part, despite also being a communist country, did not enter due to disagreements with the Soviet leader, Iósif Stalin.

🕗 Today more than ever a strong United States and a united Europe are essential.


Recently Alexei Mordashov, the richest man in Russia, expressed the following:

“It is terrible that Ukrainians and Russians are dying, that people are in hardship and the economy is collapsing. We have to do everything necessary to find a way out of this conflict in the near future and stop the bloodbath."

It is a sentiment that is beginning to spread throughout the Russian oligarchy.

Since Moscow attacked Ukraine, Russian companies have plummeted on the stock market, the ruble has lost about 30% of its value, and sanctions are suffocating the accounts of its tycoons. Between February 16 and 24 alone, the day the offensive began, 116 Russian billionaires lost nearly $126 billion.

🧨 It is very possible that in the face of this "unnecessary bloodbath" caused by Vladimir Putin, he will be deposed in no more than three years as president of the Russian Federation and, eventually, will be judged by the International Criminal Court.

Thank you for the privilege of your time,

Juan Carlos Erdozáin Rivera Executive Director ☎️ 55 5102 5069 📩


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