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The differences between adaptation, inheritance, and evolution

We have all wondered how giraffes got their long necks? Why do polar bears have thick white fur? What makes a clownfish want to live on a coral reef? Why are there different human races with distinctive features?

As Charles Darwin said: "It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one that responds best to change."


"Evolutionary adaptation, or simply adaptation, is the adjustment of organisms to their environment to improve their chances of survival in that environment."

For example, a camel has a hump that stores water and nostrils that they can close, both perfect adaptations for surviving in the dry desert and avoiding inhaling sand.

Another case is the African elephant and its huge ears which act like a fan to cool them when blood is pumped into the multiple large veins in its ears.

The specialized features are of two types:

🐘Structural adaptations, including body color, beak shape in birds, claw length in felines, etc.

🐯Behavioral adaptations, which can be transmitted by inheritance, such as predators (such as hyenas) that hunt their prey in herds. Because animals have adapted to survive in their specific habitat, this means that they may not be able to survive in another environment.


"Genetic inheritance occurs due to genetic material in the form of DNA that is transmitted from parents to children."

The scientist, monk and "father of modern genetics", Gregor Mendel, founded the "laws of inheritance" for all living things in his works published in 1865. Here he observed that all living things produce descendants that resemble their parents, but they are not identical. The variations are due to a combination of inherited characteristics, some from the mother and some from her father. This also applies to two different breeds of the same species: when they mate, they pass on different traits from each breed.


"If an environment changes, the traits that enhance survival in that environment will gradually change or evolve as well."

Evolution is the way living things change over time, an idea pioneered by Charles Darwin in his scientific theory of evolution and natural selection. This was summarized in his book on the Origin of Species, published in 1859. His theory was that every living organism is connected to a "family tree" and dates back to the beginning of life on Earth, thousands ago. of millions of years.

Together with Alfred Russel Wallace, Darwin explored evolution to explain why animals can adapt or change to new and current environments. He also drew attention to how individual animals of the same species could be differentiated, as they were not created as carbon copies of each other, all from discovering different types of sparrows on his journey to the Galapagos Islands in 1835.

In terms of natural selection, Darwin recognized that all living things compete with each other, and those that are best equipped physically to survive, grow to maturity, and reproduce tend to evolve. Those that survive are the animals that are best adapted to their inherited characteristics. Therefore, the strongest characteristics are passed on to their offspring, rather than the weakest ones, making these characteristics more common as a species of animal changes and evolves over time.


🆕The guidelines for the pandemic and physical distancing forced companies to change routines and practices in the workplace, as well as interactions with customers. Many companies were temporarily closed to cope with supply chain disruptions and respond to revenue shortages.

🆕The immediacy of the new situation requires keeping a cool head and making the most of challenging circumstances.

In order to adapt, we will have to go one step further towards survival in order to identify opportunities and not sink into threats.

🆕Since 1963 (when John F. Kennedy was assassinated), we have seen that the world environment has been changing and has become increasingly complex and uncertain and, it will be more, however, as a human race we have known how to adapt.

🆕To adapt to this new world environment, where Covid and its family of mutants are included, we must gradually eliminate "those mental cobwebs" that limit us so that our potential is released.

What is it that makes, when faced with certain challenges, our minds clouded and it is difficult for us to think clearly, while we notice how anguish invades us, our stomach knots and we feel as if something was robbing us of all our energy? ? The anxiety.

🆕Anxiety is a state of restlessness when we suffer in the present because of something that we do not even know for sure will manifest itself in the future.

Faced with the profound changes that are taking place and the great uncertainty in which we live, the pictures of anxiety do not stop increasing throughout the world.

🆕 Therefore if we want to increase our ability to solve problems, we need to learn how to transcend the limits that our own mind is imposing on us.

🆕 We are all like a cinema, where the one who chooses the film, the one who shows it, the one who picks up the ticket and the one who watches the film, is a single person, YOU.

In short, you are the one who decides the projections of mental pictures on your mental screen, and you yourself are the one who enjoys, suffers, cries or delights in what you are seeing and, those emotions reconfigure your brain, because your brain is moldable and, the brain affects your body for better or for worse.

🆕We must remember that personal change is not a matter of knowledge or scholarship, but of motivation, since only people who feel truly motivated will make the necessary effort to bring out what remains hidden and unexplored inside.

🆕So what kind of movies (mental pictures) will you play during this day?

📽️ Do you want to be scared? there is nothing better than projecting on a Sunday afternoon, a mental picture of Monday morning where everything goes wrong.

The best thing to scare you is to evoke movies from the future, where you see creepy scenes where you are the victim, but you know what? Most of these mental pictures do not come true and you suffer for free! Because the future is Uncertainty.

🎦 Do you want to get depressed and play the victim? The best are movies where you project scenes from the past, what happened and where you were degraded, hurt, and offended, but you know what? the past is history, and it only exists when you evoke it through your mental pictures, making you suffer emotionally and physically for something that in most cases no longer exists.

🍿 The best thing is to delight yourself with a movie of the Present, like this moment in which I am NOT thinking about my past or my future, because I am only thinking of you to whom I am writing these reflections, this moment in which from my study I am thinking of you ; this moment is a Gift and for this reason it is called Present.

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