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For those who live the challenge of being transformers of their environment in a complex world that moves at great speed

"A change agent is a professional rebel. Nothing happens until an organization, or an individual becomes upset with the status quo; the mission, it is the most specific change objective that you must be committed to in order to bring about the change"


"Kaos"If you decide to accept the Mission of the organization you are in, you must know that this involves risks, challenges, and opportunities, so you must become a "Secret Agent of Change" to defeat "Kaos".

We all have a change to make to defeat the criminal entity called "Kaos":

1) An internal chaos to resolve through the management of our emotions.

2) An external chaos to resolve, that of our environment, which translates into risks, challenges, and opportunities.

“By resolving your internal chaos, you will resolve the external chaos and that... is your Mission as a Person and as a Business Leader.”

If you decide to accept the Mission, you must take the following into account:


1) The Mission is the reason for being that justifies the existence of the organization.

2) If you want to start your business, you must be aware that your Mission is to understand the market and that clients are more demanding than the worst of your bosses.

3️) The Mission of a Company must consider that one of its most important ingredients is Competitive Intelligence, to know its market well, make safer strategic decisions and thus increase its profitability, through a competitive analysis, which allows predicting risks, challenges and opportunities.

4️) The Mission is the enduring expression of the purposes that distinguish a company from other similar companies; It is the engine, what makes people move towards the vision.

It is reviewed periodically, although there is no recommended deadline for its review.

Organizations (companies) review their mission after prolonged periods (about 10 years), although it can be reviewed when deemed necessary.


The Mission is the enduring expression of the purposes that distinguish a company from other similar companies.

It is recommended that the mission statement not offer things, but rather usefulness.


CRAYOLA, it does not sell crayons, it offers an art system to develop children's creativity at school and at home (Concept created by Juan Carlos Erdozáin in 1994)

CENTURY 21, does not sell houses, offers security, comfort, and lifestyle.

RR DONNELLEY, does not sell labels, it offers integrated marketing solutions to position products.

ZARA, does not sell clothing, offers attractive and fashionable appearance.

GANDHI BOOKSTORE, does not sell books, offers pleasure, knowledge, lucidity, and mental agility.


The Mission Possible of every company director is to know that the future is paved with the actions of the present.

And the present is the MISSION of the organization.

Business directors fail, because they do not understand that, to manage an organization, they must first manage their "internal world" that is, your own emotions.

Every good executive must keep in mind that present, and future go hand in hand, that is, to go one step ahead of others, they must do so from your present and not just imagine it as something future.

Business Definition

The organizational Mission is built with clear knowledge of the business and of the balance between intrapersonal relationships (with oneself) and interpersonal relationships (with others).

The design of a good business Mission uses Competitive Intelligence as a fundamental element.

The Organizational Mission

It is not just a description to put on the company wall or on the WEB site, it needs to be worked on day by day with all collaborators through the following actions:

If you accept the task and believe that Mission Possible is possible, you and other leaders in your organization can ensure successful results, but to do so it is essential:

1) Periodically align performance planning, monitoring, feedback, and evaluation systems.

2) Communicate to all collaborators the perspective on how much time they should take to implement the tactics proposed in the Mission and whether performance is on track.

3) Provide training and advice on how to implement necessary changes

4) Look for small victories and recognize progress

5) Share enthusiasm and optimism about the goal of becoming a World Class company.

"Provide Competitive Intelligence services, so that organizations understand their market, make safe strategic decisions and increase their profitability, through an analysis competitive that allows predicting challenges, risks and opportunities."

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